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We welcome your family to Mount Compass Area School and invite you to join us. Parents & Friends is a relaxed group of friendly parents/caregivers of students who attend Mount Compass Area School. We work in cooperation with the school to enhance student learning by assisting with school events, fundraising and decision making as well as by offering a link between home and school. We have regular meetings within the school which are advertised in the school newsletter and on our Facebook page.

We also have an online forum which caters for parents/caregivers who are unable to attend regular meetings (see Facebook – Mount Compass Area School Parent & Friends). On this page we share diary dates, school news, reminders of upcoming functions, garage sale items, community news, answer questions as well as offer parents/caregivers the chance to discuss, share and offer positive suggestions and opinions.

For more information please contact the school front office or come along to our next meeting.